Anti Oxi Red Tea Serum

Red Tea Serum is a skin vitalizing revolution that provides the many benefits of the Rooibos (red bush) plant in an age defying formula, specifically designed to deliver anti-oxidants and nourishment to the skin.
The Red Tea extract ingredient boasts an abundance of anti-oxidants, including the key anti-oxidant; Super Oxide Dismutase, which delivered in soothing Hyaluronic acid, provides an exceptional dose of free radical fighting power. From the mountains of South Africa, Red Tea has been used for centuries as a healthful beverage for its high concentration of antioxidants– 50 times greater than that of Green Tea. We’ve chosen the purest form of Red Tea to create this highly potent, anti-oxidant rich formula.


  1. Delivers helpful anti-oxidants to the skin
  2. Fights free radicals
  3. Soothes and nourishes the skin
  4. Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Apply to clean skin morning and night. Apply 2-3 drops in the palm of the hand and apply to face and neck.