Natural PH balance Toner

Nature’s most nutrient-rich plant hydrates and softens while balancing the skin’s natural pH to minimize irritation and enhance the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Vioviv® Natural PH balance Toner contains Seaweed extract which is loaded with vitamins, mineral, amino acids and enzymes which are potent anti-oxidants with skin healing and rejuvenating properties.

Seaweed is also has anti-bacterial effect, which helps to clean the skin of makeup and sweat, and it also helps to treat or prevent acne.

  1. Balances natural pH levels
  2. Hydrates and softens skin

After cleansing, saturate cotton ball with Natural PH balance Toner. Apply to face in a circular motion. Avoid eye area. For optimal results, follow with a Moisturizer to replenish moisture. Recommended for use on all skin types..